Cold Cash: Money can buy me love

Cold Cash: Money can buy me love

By Ben Mwine:

It's an age old adage made famous through song by the Beatles and later one of my favorite groups, Blackstreet. The general consensus as expressed through a famous poem has always been that money can buy you a house but not a home; a bed but not sleep; sex but not love etc. Mostly true but isn't there another side to the story?

Recently I asked a bunch of my female friends whether all factors being constant, the type of car a guy drives would influence their decision to go out with him. At first all of them were offended and scoffed at the thought, but after I put it into perspective, a fair share conceded that it was possible. Now before all the feminists start jumping for my jugular, please understand that I am not foolish enough to insinuate that a decent woman worth her salt would date a man simply because of his car (though of course we know women who will).

But is there something that psychologically might play a hand in the whole matter? Well first of all, I'm sure we will all agree that the one thing money can buy is convenience, and that comes in very handy in every sphere of life, and romance is not excepted. I have always believed that if you spend enough time with anyone, you will get to like them in one way or another, a theory strongly supported by the Stockholm syndrome.

So using that as our basis, you will probably have no option but to concur that a guy with more money has a much bigger chance of landing the girl than his competitors. You see, unless I'm wrong (and I do have a proven rotten record when it comes to chasing women), to win a woman over requires one to spend enough time with her to make a good impression. Let's use dudes A and B as our case studies.

Dude A and dude B are pretty much at par in terms of everything, looks, character, charm, etc. The only differentiator between them is money, lots of it. Dude A is loaded while dude B lives hand to mouth.

This means naturally that Dude A will probably look better, smell better and dress better. Advantage money, no?

Secondly, each time Dude B wants to take our girl X out, his options are pretty limited. Dude A can afford to take her to a very good restaurant for dinner, the latest movie, etc. Advantage money, no?

Dude B has a job, but hasn't been able to buy a car yet, so assuming that girl X doesn't have a car yet, each time they meet, he'll have to walk her to the taxi park, which means they get to spend some real quality time together. But then Dude A has a pretty sleek ride, leather seats, AC, 12 speaker surround system with iPod dock, so each time he takes girl X out, she's riding in some pretty good comfort listening to music off of her iPod. Advantage even.

Summing it all up would therefore suggest that though girl X might not be moved by money, psychologically Dude A has a very unfair advantage because he is able to get more access and spend more time with our girl, which ultimately means he has a much higher likelihood of getting the girl, no?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Sarah N Nsiime

    Thank you Ben for such a thought provoking article. It gets me thinking about the current trend of weddings. In a wedding meeting, people will practically extort money from you in order to raise funds; while others opt for bank loans to finance their weddings. But what happened? Where did we go wrong? Is it we the ladies that are just materialistic or it is the demands of the society we live in? Long time ago, women got married to men and remained committed irrespective of their financial status. Some could not afford to host their guests to a wedding reception after taking their vows in church and it did not seem to matter. Try doing that today and see if you will get away with it. Sometimes, it is the parents of a young lady who will not accept a 'poor man' for a son in law just because they want their daughter to be 'comfortable'. So they will make a thorough assessment of the young man and his family just to make sure that he meets their requirements. How sad!

  • Wonny Arthur

    Of course money can buy you love, that's why I'm still single! And trust me I'm as nice as they come. hehehe

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