Day: August 31, 2012

Eve's Notes

A letter to Diana (continued)

By Namuli Batuuka: Looking back at senior 2, I can proudly say that was my best year in high school. I performed exceptionally well throughout the school year. Auntie was more than happy and she knew that mother was now smiling down at me. Even though I was happy with my grades, I missed you dearly. I would secretly look […]

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Illusions of a Bachelor, Series

Illusions of a Bachelor: Have we messed up?

By Aaron Aroriza: There are some posters that littered the streets of Kampala a few months ago. Adverts on breast enlargement, hips enlargement, bum enlargement, penis elongation and enlargement and all sorts of other related adverts. You could tell business was going great for those entrepreneurs. You could also tell they had tapped into a ready market – a very […]

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