Day: August 16, 2012

Inspirational, Tale Africa

The Mortal Watch

By Adebayo Okeowo: “Who's the new kid? And what's he doing here?” Aramen was asking Joachim. “He is a mortal. He got clearance from the Trinity!” Joachim responded. “He wants to stand watch with us tonight,” Mitchell explained further. My name is… never mind! My name is not important here. My aim is! I had entreated God with a special […]

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Sequins and Sapphires, Series

Sequins and Sapphires: Boda Boda Frenemies

By Kathryn Kazibwe: The usual cat calls assail me as I approach the local bodaboda stage. These men are relentless! For more than two months now I've been using this route on my way to work, and ever since that first day they've been calling out to me, with statements varying from hilarious to downright disgusting. Recently they overheard me […]

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