Day: August 8, 2012

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The Mamelodi Initiative

By Seth Mwonga Mulli: My experience at the Mamelodi Initiative is an unforgettable one. I attended the last week of the program, wishing that I had attended the full 3weeks but hey God's timing is perfect. I arrived at the Tuks Mamelodi campus, filled with excitement yet sheepishly nervous not knowing what to expect. Not everyone is inclined to teaching, […]

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Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: If girls run the world, then who needs men?

By Kizzy Katawonga: Who runs the world? Girls. That's what Beyonce wants us to believe with her hit song. So does Alicia Keys who sings Superwoman. I hear a lot of these songs lately. Call them women's empowerment anthems. There is a tsunami of women's lib and empowerment that is sweeping modern society like never before. It's great to see women finally being […]

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Short Stories, Tale Africa

Singing for the Minister (II)

Egan Tabaro: The road to Boma Grounds is a dusty one that snakes its way through the beautiful hills of Komunteete. We pass by our Parish church, St Jude Thaddeus the Turgid and there, tending to the garden around the Vicarage, is our Parish priest, father Chrysostom. Father, as we all call him, waves at us, bellowing “Hello my children!” […]

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