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Through your pair of glasses

By Mohlago Makwela:

When I was at my lowest and the forces of the world were against me,

You stood by me.

You saw victory in battles I thought I had already lost.

Because You fight them with me.

When my spiritual man was muted by my inability to conform to man's idea of Good, You spoke volumes by turning my head to the cross and reminding me of Calvary.

You chose to see life in the midst of death.

Having faced both You perfected life and conquered death.

You held my hand during the battles of life.

Choosing not to see my past, but opting to see the light in the darkness of my life.

Because Your greatness enables You to see the end from the beginning.

I see the me that I choose to be and You see the me I'm supposed to be.

I see me through the eyes of those who put earthly crowns on me, You see me in the hands of my creator.

The real image of me that you see is the mirror image I long to see.

For when You see me You see the spitting image of Our Father.


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