P.s. I love you: I will live for you

P.s. I love you: I will live for you

By Andrew Pacutho:

I remember the first time I saw your tears. I was terrified.

That day was wonderful. We had spent the afternoon together as always and we had not argued about anything. You can be pretty strong minded sometimes, so not having to argue was great (I smile).

I remember we talked about so many things and then I said something about death and dying. Suddenly you started to sob, deep soul shaking sobs that shook your whole body. Instantly and without thought I took you in my arms and thoughts of what could have made you sad raced through my mind.

Your tears burned hot and wet as you buried your head in my neck and held on tight. I could feel you trying to stop but you could not. You were trembling. I wrapped my arms tighter around you. I was just as worried as I was afraid.

Your sobs finally subsided and the trembling reduced enough to allow conversation. I looked into your eyes and saw fear and sadness like I had never seen before.  You wiped your nose and tried not to look too dishevelled and opened up a whole new area of your life.

Death was something you had seen before. It robbed you of those close to you. You had learned to love with passion and fierceness but had learned to fear the loss of those you loved. To hear me speak of death and dying had broken a seal on that fear and brought it all to the top

I kicked myself mentally several times. How could I be so stupid, so dumb and so insensitive? I knew your story of loss and here I was making light of it.

I learned that I needed to make it all about you as much as I could. That true love, true manly love would be one that bore in mind your needs, hopes and ambitions and that in this one case I would do everything in my power to dodge and cheat death because to give in would be cowardice and failure on my part; and more than that it would cause more pain to you than I could imagine or even allow.

I realised that I would dare all that would become man, and more. That I was to stand and defy death for as long as I could or at least until you could face it with bravery and poise. That I would hold back the flood and not give in until you, my love, could face it as well. And that as long as you were not able to I would not give up, give in or back down.

I learned that love was not meant to be selfish but selfless. That day I learned what it meant to live for someone. Babe, I will live for you.


P.S I love you

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Ayeza

    This man is easy to fall in love with... :) love your letter series Andrew.

  • Ruth Paulus

    This IS what love meanS after all: sacrifice and selflessness? It dose'nt mean hearts and flowers and a happy ending? but the knowledge that another's well-being is more important than one's own....

  • Heidi Fisher

    Love it... gets better every week. thank you.

  • Jazmine Namutosi

    I will hang on to the shoulders that are broad enough to craddle me through the despair and wide enough to hold me through the fear. The day i learned what it meant to live for someone, i built the bridge that drew me close to you. I choose to stand by you.

  • Namuli

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew!!!! My sentimental self is in trouble!

  • me

    I have grown since..... I have learned that life is not mine to hold. Love is mine to give...... and as long as life lets me...... I will give it. I still shudder at the thought of loosing those I love..... but I shudder even more at them not having known how much I cared..... So....... as long as life lets me, I will love with everything in me.....a little more everyday..... And wen the time does come......then and only then............ then, I will cry.....I will let myself go...... I will let the tears flow...... But behind every tear, ..... a little smile..... for all the love we shared... and soon enough,..... the tears will dry.... but the smile will stay with me forever!

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