Let me…

Let me…

By Moleboheng Mahasa:

Let me float high on a cloud of peace and joy. Let me escape the daily trappings of gloom and fly away to unexplored places. Let me drink in the majestic beauty of the scenery. Let the lush carpets of green instil upon me tranquillity and serenity. Let the stillness envelope my senses and shut down any voice of doubt.  Let the flowing rivers flush away any remnants of misery. Let the chirping of the birds teach my soul to rejoice for the magnificence of life.

Let the budding flowers remind me of the profoundness of embracing each season as it comes. Let the golden rays kiss my face tenderly. Let the grandeur of the mountains impart wisdom about weathering the storms of life. Let the towering trees be a representation of maturity, stability and depth.

And if night falls, let the brightness of the moon attest to the light of Christ that is forever upon me. Let the croaking of the crickets remind me that I am never quite alone. Let the stars bear testimony to He that placed them in their rightful places. Let the thick darkness remind me to rely on my faith rather than my sight.

If torrents of rain may come pouring down, let me dwell on the blessings of God that He showers down daily. Let the roaring thunder remind me of the roar of the Lion of Judah, who is my protector. Let the lightning remind me of God's eternal camera, which captures my every move and turn. Let me never forget that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Yule Mweupe

    Just what I needed to read! Touching.

  • migisha boyd

    hashtag:winning!! was starting to complain after the first verse, but i reached '.. to the light of Christ that is forever upon me.' and that was it! :)

  • Sarah N Nsiime

    This is awesome. Thank you!!

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