Guilty: The story of the aquitted convict (continued)

Guilty: The story of the aquitted convict (continued)

By Emmanuel Adebayo:

Part II

'What! You mean no one else would speak for me, only a man in rags? Is that how much I am worth?' He thought to himself. 'This man is wounded. God! He is bleeding!'

Looking at him, the wounded man felt the accused man's eyes dart at him, scanning his whole body; the wounded man braced himself and spoke: “All these I have become just to save you and give you a second chance.” Turning towards the judge, the accused said “I'd rather not have this man add to my trouble, because it looks like he's got a handful of it himself.” Then he turned to face the wounded man. “No offence sir, but I think you need to take care of yourself first before you are ready to offer anyone help, plus I don't even have money to pay any attorney!”

The prosecutor turned to see who was delaying the judgement. Seeing the wounded man, he squinted, his jaw dropped, his knees clamped – it took him a few minutes to pull himself out of the awkward reaction to the sight of the man. He looked uncomfortable and fondled with papers on his desk looking for only God knows what. The accused noticed the reactions of the prosecutor and how uncomfortable he felt when he saw the wounded man and felt 'maybe I should really give this man a chance, after all I have nothing else left to lose!' The wounded man could feel that the accused was considering giving him a chance, he walked close to him and said “I don't need your money, all I want from you is your trust, I need you to believe that I can handle your life, leave your life in my hands and I'd keep it safe for you”. The accused bowed his head, if not anything he felt loved by this man “Okay! I believe and commit my life into your hands.” he finally said.

He suddenly felt so relieved as if a great burden had been lifted off his shoulders. The wounded with what seemed to have been a sudden surge of energy and vigour assumed the role of defence counsel; he told a story of how the crimes this man had committed had been paid for long before the man committed them. The judge read the papers and evidence placed before him, he smiled convincingly. Seeing this, the prosecutor knew he had lost, again! He looked at the attorney with disgust and said with the little pride he could still muster “Well, you get to save one every time you step in and are allowed to talk; let's see how long you can keep them in the right path. You have what they need; I give them what they want.” After saying this, he stormed out of the courtroom. The accused was then released to the care of the wounded man, he followed and did everything and anything the wounded man asked.

Christ wants to do the same for you, he is good at saving people when no one else can, the question is – Would you let him?

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