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Guilty: The story of the acquitted convict

By Emmanuel Adebayo:

Part I

Standing in the courtroom, he could think of nothing but that he might spend the rest of his fruitful life behind bars or worse, he might be sentenced to death! All evidences were against him, he had no defence counsel, the prosecutor was the best on the planet – he was definitely hopeless.

He was accused of murder, rape – name it, any hideous crime you could think of and he knew he was guilty of them all – except one! How can you be guilty of ignorance? He was made to believe that 'God' was just a figment of men's imagination and not real, that God was and could be anything you make him to be! Now, the prosecutor accuses him of despising God! He doesn't understand; “How can I despise something I never thought existed!” The prosecutor was too glad to facilitate his understanding “The moment you failed to acknowledge the creator as God, the true God, you are guilty and bound for condemnation!” he said this with such a sinister tone that sent chills down the spine of everyone in the court room. A well of sob was now growing within – he was going to cry! Seeing he was definitely in for it, he pleaded guilty for every crime he had been accused of; the prosecutor was pleased with himself seeing that he had killed every fighting spirit left in the man; the accused pleaded with the judge to have mercy – since he had no one to do it for him.

He couldn't take it anymore; he cried at the top of his voice – his voice revealing that he had been crying – “is there no one to speak for me?” He looked round – his father, mother, siblings, friends, all looked down staring at their feet. He turned away and wept like a baby, 'I'm done for' he thought to himself.

The court grew silent, the judge looking at the evidences before him, the jury discussing amidst themselves, the prosecutor, being sure he had convinced the judge and jury, settled down to drink of his cup of fury filled with the blood of those he had earlier convicted and sent to damnation; but just as he settled, a still, thin, but clear voice with a sonorous high pitch said: “I'll speak for you!”

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