Day: July 2, 2012

Eve's Notes

A woman’s strength

By Kathryn Yule Mweupe Kazibwe: A woman's strength is in her silence. Even when she is suffering, going through hell, a woman has all the power in the world only if she bears all without a single peep from her mouth. That is the message the traditional woman holds on to, and passes on dutifully to her young daughters. It […]

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Short Stories, Tale Africa

At the bottom of the glass (I)

By Egan Tabaro: When he woke up this morning, it had been a normal day for Andrew; he had had his usual bachelor's breakfast; black tea and deep fried cassava chips he bought the previous night from the roadside canteen. Yet now as he climbs up the stairs – his phobia for enclosed places forbade him from using the building's […]

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Cold Cash

Cold Cash: Money, what’s the deal?

By Ben Mwine: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love; love for money. Well that's the reality of the world we seem to be living in right now. You probably already know that Jesus talked more about money than he did about anything else. That's how much of big deal money […]

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