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Why Good Girls fall for Bad Boys (Part 1)

By Musanete Sakupwanya:

A discussion with a few friends sparked some ideas about the reasons why the girls go after the “bad boys”. Obviously a few things came up and it was fun, to say the least, to hear them.

Honestly though, I'm a former bad boy myself and I can say I know that the girls had a few motives for allowing my advances to be successful. It's not too difficult to figure out, but it's also probably a tough pill to swallow for the girls out there.

A word before I delve into this discourse: I've noticed in the game of relationships, standards are very secondary to feelings and mindsets most times. A bad boy, by virtue of standards should not stand a chance, and yet there he is walking away with that lovely young lady who's always been known for her cute smile and general purity of character. This should NOT be how things are done, as our standards represent us, and the context we want our children to grow up in. To let go of those standards for our feelings is unfortunately selfish and destructive!

So, on to what you came to read…why good girls fall for bad boys!

FACT: Girls like knowing they will be protected. Ever seen those superhero movies? The guys are always ripped with hectic muscles and muscles that just draw way too much attention. Either that or they have the SWAG of someone who knows what clothes to wear, but can also pull out a few moves to beat down someone if necessary. Basically, the good boy image doesn't cater to this primal desire of “bigger is better”. The bad boy usually fits this well in the way he looks or dresses or talks. He just seems to have this quality of being able to defend a woman if he needs to.

This guy has a sense of mystery and danger about him, and something in her mind says “He'll be dangerous when he needs to protect me, and that's a good thing!” as if you'll always be surrounded by thieves and there's some bad guy lurking in the alley!

Oh really? Will he be that dangerous in protecting your virginity? Will he protect your dreams and desires for the life Jesus paid for? Is he gonna be dangerous towards the temptations of lust and compromise?? Will he not be a danger TO YOU???

Hmmph… I'll let you decide.

But speaking of compromise, bad boys look like they've been there and done that, and which girl doesn't wonder what a steamy moment feels like? Movies all over glorify the moment when two people look deeply into each other's eyes, move closer – slowly, and then lock lips in a passionate kiss that is accompanied by an orchestral crescendo in the background with a beautiful sunset and doves flying into the distance and blah blah BLAH!!!

FACT: Girls want a Romeo who can be romantic! They want to be sure they aren't totally lost in lack of experience! Basically, good girls want a LEADER with EXPERIENCE. What's the point of all that drama if the dude doesn't know where his lips should be? What the heck is the point of all that passion if his tongue is unpractised and totally distracting? I mean, there's “love-bites”, then there's just “bites”, right? Who wants someone who doesn't know the physics behind how much pressure to apply on your neck with his teeth and when to release? Girls, come on, be honest, you don't want your first kiss, or any subsequent one (or any subsequent activity) to be an awkward moment. You know that awkward hug where both of you put your head on the same side, then you both change at the same time, then there's the awkward smile when you realise just one of you must put their head on the other side for the hug to work? Yeah imagine the kissing version of that; or a more explicit activity's version of that. Ok maybe you shouldn't be imagining such!

In those moments, the bad boy will be a natural leader, guiding the young lady through all the do's and don'ts. It is a magnificent perversion of the man whose leadership is something to be admired. The leadership a bad boy represents is anything but pure, but who cares? It still looks flippin' cool!

Yeah the bad boy's got talents. He'll definitely make you 'feel good'! He usually knows all the right tricks, whether it's the way he talks, or the way he touches you.

Unfortunately, all those skills are stolen. Yep! The bad boy is the Chinese product of the relationship game; looks like an “iPhone” but the label is actually an “ePhone”! The bad boy jacked his skills straight from the sanctity of marriage and made them look ok somewhere else.

But just like a fire that's only good in a fireplace, what the bad boy offers in this context is only good for marriage!

Sorry…. This is only the first installment!

I'll finish this off next time! There's more to tell.

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14 thoughts on “Why Good Girls fall for Bad Boys (Part 1)”

  1. Ha ha ha, nice guys finish last. Tell em bro, someone needs to be brave enough to tell the cold hard truth about women and bad boys. I’ve been both to a degree and I found the experiences fascinating beyond belief. Part two, when?

    1. Kizzy! Someone had to unleash the truth here. The bad boy has some pretty sick skills up his sleeve, but like I said, they shouldn’t work especially on a good girl. She plays a part in making them work.

  2. so, im curious… who qualifies as a bad guy then? cause frankly, i dont mind any of the above 🙂 all meets my standards 🙂

    1. That sounds like the idea for another article!! Thank you for the inspiration. I believe though though that “standard definition” is important, because we need to be clear on not only what we DO want, but also what we DON’T want… You may want good-looking, rich, and supportive… But many guys fit that description and are ALSO unfaithful and tyrannical. If you can get what you want, and avoid/deal with what you don’t want..good for you. Otherwise, Bad Boys look good sometimes, but their true colours can take a while to show..

  3. hey this is true IMHO although i think av generally been a normal guy and still have the ‘problem’ of girls not being able to say no to me 😀
    any thoughts?

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