Unnecessary Change

By Kefilwe Letho:

Isn’t it interesting how most people combine, misunderstand and label difference of opinion, belief or moral code as “hate”? That definitely has to come to an immediate stop. I won’t delve too deep into religion: Believe it or not, it doesn’t necessarily mean if the streamline of time changing, morals, standards, beliefs must automatically follow.  Nothing should ever separate the components of the truth. Reality is the truth no matter what time it is.

“Hate” is a five lettered word which is basically a strong feeling of dislike for a particular person or thing. The repercussions of “hate” may result to impetuous outcomes. Sadly minorities continuously victimize themselves into quarrels of “hate”. Some weeks back we celebrated “Freedom Day” which also emphasizes the right to express your views and the therefore the cycle of airing a different point of view. Therefore you are not obliged to agree with any individual’s perception or thought. Do yourself the honor of agreeing to disagree in avoidance of unending conflicts. People get very sensitive and victimize themselves as “hate speech” candidates. Your dealings, your principals, your morals and standards make you the unique individual that you are today. Never ever prostitute that or substitute for anything less.

In most anomalous and antagonizing cases we find that we are not honest about our feelings, by handing over our voice of reason. We believe in our leaders, our elders, and our mentors so much that we don’t want to entertain or indulge in contradictory arguments. I often stress that: “The truth won’t change; it forever remains the same, even if someone is offended by it”. Don’t feel bad for being expressive and being you, those are the components of confidence. Be alert that “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

For example, in times of corporal punishment, from our guardians or parents many of us would define or symbolize it as “hate” and not discipline. I repeatedly say: Having a different or opposite personal point of view does not entirely give one reason to accuse you of “hate”. It's no entitlement what so ever that one should say “yes” to “hearsays”.

It’s a shame that any belief or opinion against the majority or population is seen as “hate” and deemed “closed mindedness”. Sometimes it is unnecessary to change who you are simply to satisfy the world or masses. Be proud to exercise your freedom of speech, be real it's worth it. “Hate” is a verb that is usually bluntly utilized by human-kind in self-defense. Some tend to over-use, exaggerate and even wrongly use the word in many scenarios of ignorance.

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2 thoughts on “Unnecessary Change”

  1.  “Be alert that “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”this is brilliant! 

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