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The Apprentice: Unsung Heroes

By Kizzy Katawonga:

Did you know that last Sunday the 17th was Fathers day?

Yeah,  probably not. I don’t blame you. I got a lump sum total of one best wishes for the day; from my wife. Whom I reminded. Eck!

Yes, it’s that bad. The world in general doesn’t really give a damn about father's day. Not really anyways. It’s not like mother's day that comes two times in a year. Is that even right? Could be more. Not sure. It all depends on which side of the world you're coming from.

Either way, there is usually so much pomp and fashion about mother's day. We celebrate them, remember them and honor them. We buy them flowers, chocolates and take them to dinner. Apple even sends us special mother's day offers on engraved Ipads.


But what do the fathers get? Aside from a haphazardly remembered “happy father's day” text message or Facebook poke? Zilch, nada, zip! I am saddened by this.

Yes, the world's fathers to a great extent haven’t been much to celebrate for a long time. They’ve been absent or abusive. They’ve caused more harm than good and in truth, not many are worth remembering.

But is that really true? Have fathers become so bad that as a society we belittle the whole institution of fatherhood? Mothers have done a supremely admirable job of filling in the gap left by so many of these sperm donors. They’ve earned the right to be celebrated many times over.

Several women have decided it’s even better to just get a sperm donor and raise a family herself. Who needs a father really? So why even bother celebrating them if they are all so bad?

The answer is simple.

Because there are millions of fathers doing an exceptional job every day – Toiling, sweating, sacrificing for their women and children. They don’t make as much of a noise as the abusive and absentee fathers but they are very much there.

Doing what a great father should do, lifting up his family so that they excel and shine; without him taking the credit.

We owe these men! All those who have taken the high road, the lonely road, the difficult road – we owe them. In a world where so many men are checking out, taking the easy way out and abandoning or abusing their family responsibilities, these unsung heroes deserve better than a second rate holiday no one remembers.

We should remember these heroes often and publicly; these true soldiers who are continuing the good fight in a world where so many have given into selfishness and thoughtlessness.

Here’s to you humble man working terrible hours to put food and a roof over your family while still making time to play and pray with your kids.

Here’s to you dreamer who has put his dreams aside to fulfill the dreams of his family.

Here’s to you who diligently goes home every day after work to share the little you have with your family instead of with the boys in the bar.

Here’s to you, mighty fathers. The world would be lost without you.

Happy Fathers Day.

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