P.s I love You, Series

P.s. I love You: Along a country road

By Andrew Pacutho:

Driving down a country road, the wind through your hair; the sunroof is down and half of you sticks out of the car as we speed along.

Your white cotton dress reaches to your knees, your smooth legs now at eye level. We drive through a trading centre and little kids wave back excitedly on response to your wave.

Me? Well I lean back and smile, happy that I can let someone be who they are meant to be and I wonder how much I had changed. A couple of years back and I would have jerked her back into the car without second thought.

Thinking about wildness I think of you. Worry not I had not given my heart to another. But in this moment of bliss I wished it was you in the car, being emotional with abandon. I know you say I may not be able to handle you but you know what? I don't think I would

Who would want to tame the wind, place a tornado in a jar or capture lightening in the hand? No, for these things would cease to be what they are the moment they can no longer defy control.

I guess what I am saying is I am grown enough to let you be you, and be safe with that. I am grown enough to know that to try and remove some aspects of you would not make you the woman I fell for so long ago. To try to change you would mean that I would have to fall in love with you all over again for you would not be the woman I fell for so long ago.

To change you would be to hurt you. To let you be you would be the greatest joy. In fact I would love to make memories with you, of you, a string of events, actions, happenings consisting of your pure nature. What I want from you is a tapestry of heart, a bead necklace of your essence; I would love to make memories of you, in your finest hour, at your purest peak.

I drive along smiling. I wish this was you.

Faithfully yours


P.S. I Love You

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5 thoughts on “P.s. I love You: Along a country road”

  1. yo! this so doesn’t sound like you!!! Its awesome! …not that you don’t sound awesome…ok I’ll just stop right there! great piece!

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