Day: June 22, 2012

Short Stories, Tale Africa

Jacob and I (IV)

By Kathryn Yule Mweupe Kazibwe: It took Jacob a week to remember me; seven long days during which I waited eagerly for his call. They don't say the first cut is the deepest for nothing! Even after his less-than-poetic treatment of me, I subconsciously held the hope that maybe there was some truth in those poems he wrote me. Yes, […]

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Budapest Chronicles, Series

Budapest Chronicles: It’s all about hair!

By Brian Friday Bwesigye: There is something about hair. Remember Mary Magdalene wiping Jesus' feet with her hair? Okay, Delilah disempowering Samson by shaving his hair? Okay, let us talk about the more contemporary times. The symbolism of the Rastafarian locks for example. Now that we have gone political, let us also talk about the natural hair movement. Anyway, people […]

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