We are all heroes

We are all heroes

By Andrew Pacutho:

I spend my days wanting, wishing, hoping and thinking of doing something great. I read with longing stories of people doing things that change the world; be it in the arts, the sciences or just life in general. I realise then that we cannot all be in the lime light or have the benefit of media coverage but still, we are all heroes.

In our own small ways we are all heroes, doing our everyday tasks seeking to bring relief to some oppressed and burdened soul. For some it's through volunteering and soup kitchens, while others generous donations, and others it's taking someone under their wing and showing them the ropes of life.

There are those that see their vocation as a calling, a service to man and nation. Many of these are doctors, teachers, and maybe lawyers. Some fight for the poor, those with no voice and rights while others take on the strong, defending the weak and those with no one to stand for them.
There is the police man who rises out of bed every day, to face danger just so we can walk the streets at night with no fear. He is the bullet proof vest of the city, an unseen and unappreciated service man.

Still others hear a higher calling and join the brotherhood of priesthood or as pastors, reverends, elders and what not in the church circles. They are the pillars of society and the shoulders that keep the community together.

There is the diligent shop keeper, the kind green grocer, the dotting grandmother always willing to babysit for hard working parents, then the older brother types always looking out for the younger ones, offering encouragement and positive role model-ship and providing the camaraderie that comes from family and sibling love.

Still there are those that do the unenviable tasks but that keep our systems running. The guys who unblock the sewers, the plumber, the garbage man, electrician and local artisan; these guys endure the scorn of their jobs just so we can have the joy of a working-flushing toilet, a sanctum where great pieces (like this one) can be churned out and mulled over or perhaps where you can enjoy a printed out copy of readers cafe literature.

Whatever the case, they are the unseen guardians that provide the infrastructure through which we live our lives. They too are ordinary people doing ordinary things hopefully with extraordinary courage, determination and a sense of purpose.

We are all ordinary heroes, every day people doing every day things every day. That is what makes you and me a hero, commitment to excellence and service above self. That the doctor braves contagions to see that the weak and dying are cared for. That the Soldier braves enemy fire just so you can sleep soundly at night and the police officer, who walks your street keeping a look out, just so you don't have to. Ordinary people, doing ordinary-everyday things, every day!
We may not have superman, but you and I have our share of heroes; every day heroes. Do look out for them and once in a while say, “Thank you my toilet fixer man, without you my life would be full of crap!”

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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