Series, The Apprentice

The Master and the Apprentice

By Kizzy Katawonga

“Always two there are. A master and an apprentice” Master Yoda, Star Wars

If you're wondering who Master Yoda is then I have to ask; what planet do you live on?

Seriously though, it doesn't really matter who he is. What matters is the wisdom which is there's always a student and a teacher, a leader and a follower, a master and an apprentice.

Since the beginning of time, painters, musicians, artisans, accountants, actors, magicians, healers and even shaolin monks have all used the master-apprentice system to grow into their vocation.

Early on in my life I realized I had big dreams of who and what I wanted to be. I knew I was meant to do great things. However there is a huge difference between knowing the place you want to go and how to actually get there. I recognized that just as in a vocational context, we also need a master to guide us through other areas of life. Today we call them mentors but that really isn't the same thing.

You see a mentor is someone you meet and chat with a few times a month. You can choose to act or disregard their advice. A master is someone who you live with, under, learning and growing under their constant watchful eye. You must learn what they teach you. You do this from the time you're a child till maturity. It's awesome and grueling but it makes you the best you could possibly ever be.

You see, I strongly believe that we are all apprentices in something or other –  In life, faith, love, work, whatever. We don't know everything or even the potential in us and we need someone wiser, older, more experienced to teach us the way, to bring out our fullest potential and teach us those crazy super moves like karate kid uses in that last fight scene.

The question then becomes, who is your master? Who do you spend your life in diligent study to? Are you even aware that you are under a master right now? It could be your ego, your spouse, your parent, your boss, Kim Kardashian?!

I have chosen to live my life as an Apprentice and my Master is the Almighty God. Who better than the creator of all things to teach you all things?

This column your reading will be about Apprenticeship and all the things I'm learning and experiencing as the Master's Apprentice. You will be entertained, educated, informed, admonished, exhorted and hopefully inspired.

I am not an expert, I haven't arrived, I don't have all the answers. I actually have more questions and that's what makes this great. A place to ask those questions we're afraid to voice and to find those answers together.

Welcome to the Apprentice.

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