Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Man Up!

By Kizzy Katawonga

There was a time when men took pride in their ability to build and protect the people and things around them. Women and children were valued above all, business was ethical and honest, the earth was tamed and brought to bear rich fruit. The world felt safe and inspired when men were around.

I fear, like unicorns and dragons, that time is a thing of myth.

Today instead, we are more impressed with the ability to destroy and tear down that which matters the most. Women are objects to be used and abused. Children are cheap labor. Business is a place of thuggery and thievery with concern only for profit. The earth is dying around us.

I'm bloody pissed.

Last week or so, everyone was abuzz because of some skanky nude pictures of a flamboyant socialite, recently incarcerated, that appeared in a popular trashy tabloid, ironically named after a common vegetable that makes you cry.

She was photographed after a drunken indiscretion with an unknown male who took the pictures of our inebriated socialite after the fact. He even took pictures of her with used condoms placed rather unflatteringly on her exposed body. Maybe he thought it was artistic somehow?

I can only assume the intention for taking these scandalous pictures was profit but could easily have been as juvenile as bragging rights. That, however, is beside the point. This individual clearly hadn't given any thought to the destruction he would cause this young lady; let alone of covering her moment's weakness.

Sadly these pictures ended up with even less honorable men who saw a surge in profits from publishing them in full gory color for the masses to see. It would be bad enough if it stopped there but a week later they go further by headlining their triumph of 'destroying' this young lady once and for all.

And through all this, she has to also deal with jail for another poor choice. It sure does pour when it rains.

So this is why I'm pissed. As a man striving to the highest ideals of manliness, I believe in our God given nature to build and protect; not tear down and expose with the malicious or selfish intent. While this young lady had her own part to play in arriving at this compromising situation, there's just no excuse for these men to have exploited it this way.

It should have stopped before the camera was even picked up!

The young man who took the pictures clearly had no honor or compassion as to take care of this clearly lost soul. Instead he took advantage of her and then exposed her to show off his domination. The publishers should have put morality, compassion and decency before profits and sales.

Why is this happening? We are better than this and yet we have allowed our raw instincts of destruction and domination to rule us resulting in what we see all around us today. A society characterized by immorality, cruelty, indiscretion, corruption, violence and destruction. Men like these make our gender as desirable as being a pedophile and I'm sick of it.

Men, it's time to stand up and put an end to this.

Who will protect our women and children if not us?

Who will build businesses of integrity that put people above profits if not us?

Who will be the champions of a decent, just and good society if not us?

Who will inspire us and drive us forward, if not us?

I'm talking to you now. The buck stops here. Enough is enough.

Let us be men again.

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