Month: November 2011

Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Let’s not get it twisted…

By Kizzy Katawonga For the turkey! At least I will be after hogging a good share of it. Last weekend was Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America, an interesting holiday for a nation generally known for its insatiable appetite. Think about it, one day out of the whole year just to be thankful. They kill millions of turkeys, […]

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Eve's Notes

Made in China

By Ragi Bashonga: She is a working woman. An aura of intellect and expensive education envelopes her like heavy perfume and leaves a trail of success. She carries herself with the posture of a queen, her dress code bearing witness that in actual fact she could well be one. Her wardrobe strongly resembles the expensive boutiques she visits on the […]

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The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Marriage isn’t sacred. Weddings are!

By Kizzy Katawonga Chris Rock once mused in one of his HBO comedy specials that marriage wasn't a sacred institution. His reasoning is that if marriage was indeed sacred the rates of divorce wouldn't be so astronomically high. Recent events have gone further in proving this truth laden joke. We all know what I'm talking about but let me elaborate […]

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