My writing: A moment of clarity

My writing: A moment of clarity

By Iteti:

It's been two days since I last wrote my thoughts down and I am starting to realize just how 'un-easy' it is to keep a blog going. I always thought my creative juices would flow unhindered and without limits but ALAS! I was mistaken.

It is one thing to write because you love it and it's another to write because you think it is cool and will get you some 'street cred'. Both options are inspired but only one has the right kind of inspiration. Street cred or not, you still have to be pretty interesting to get people coming back for more – not because you're constantly badgering them to read your writing, but rather because they want to. I write because I am passionate about it. In other words, I love it.

See, I spent most of yesterday struggling to write a piece because I felt that I needed to be consistent and on time with my writing. Oh the pressure! The pressure to be witty, fun, interesting and captivating consumes me at times. I will be honest, I REALLY want people to read what I blog, but only of their own accord. So when I struggle is when I know I need to put my mental writing tools down and go frolic in the rain or something until I have a much better reason to write.

Long story short, I failed to write anything last night because I didn't feel like I had it in me. Besides, I did not want to have the stains of an uninspired piece on my keyboard. It reminded me of all the reasons why I began writing in the first place, way before blogging was introduced. It also reminded me of the reasons why I decided to start blogging. So, indulge me for a few moments as share some of these reasons if you will:

Un: I write because it helps my thought process. It doesn't matter if it's as short as one word sometimes. For example, writing the word “COURAGE” may push me to do something that frightens me or reminds me that there actually is strength in the midst of grief and pain. Words are powerful, I tell you. How writing helps my thought process is another blog entry altogether.

Deux: I write because it helps me vent when I'm all tangled up in my emotions. It challenges me to express myself in an understandable way. It clears my head and paves the way for objectivity and creativity. (There I go with the whole thought process thing again)! It's an expression of James 1:19 (Ref. The Holy Bible)- Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I can let the anger out on a page  Ah therapeutic, no? Writing definitely contributes positively to my sense of well-being.

Trois: I write because it encourages me to read. Hence my reading is improved. My new year's resolution was to improve on my reading and my writing. I believe the two are not mutually exclusive. Reading is writing's best friend and they have such a brilliant partnership *thingamajig going.

Quatre: I write because I have something to say: either to God or to somebody or to myself. There is a message in every word or phrase however meaningless it might seem (Ref. “Jabberwocky” by Poet Lewis Carroll)

Cinq: I write because I want to leave, not just A mark, but MY mark on the world. A kind of personal stamp if you will. Some people have children, others have their creations/inventions, I have my writing.

Six: I write because I love words and I love to put them together. I strongly believe that language and communication is a miracle in itself. How we get to understand each other and agree to a common language, combinations of phrases and word definitions is beyond me. Literature should be a sport – a mind sport

Sept: I write because it inspires and motivates me. It takes me to different places within me, in my surroundings and even much further. I do admire architects. They bring their imagination to life; they express themselves in their creation. They work with precision, near perfection and accuracy. The quality of their work depends on all three. They design solid and well-defined structures – they create shelters for life to dwell within. Architecture is poetic. Wouldn't you agree? Writing makes me feel like an architect: I can build things with my words.

Like learning to play the guitar or solving mathematical problems, both of which I TRULY ENJOY, writing takes practice. It can be both extremely personal and terribly social. With the security of anonymity and aliases, writing reaches out to those who have no voices or those whose voices are so small and afraid of epic failure in the limelight to be heard. I am tempted to say, that writing is a language, because it breaks down communication barriers.

I want to say WRITE YOUR HEART OUT and MAKE YOUR MARK: but instead, I'll go with I DARE YOU TO WRITE SOMETHING AND HAVE IT READ. You never know the good it will do you or one random person out there who lands on it – today or in the far future. Here's an opportunity to mark your mark. It's as easy as black and white!

*It's a thing

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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