I did it on purpose

I did it on purpose

By Moleboheng Mahasa

Most of us are busy with things that do not enhance our lives for a period longer than a day, a night, a week, a month or even (because we are good at stretching things) a year.  We are ever striving, ever attempting, ever pushing to be like other people. We are ever fantasising, ever dreaming, ever hoping that one day we would wake up and be transformed into gorgeous individuals with legs that go all the way to our armpits, hair that flows all the way to our knees, and riches that would be uncontainable by no one bank.

I happen to be listening to Jesus Culture right now. I love their music. Their music brings me closer to God. I get to worship and let go. Some of their lyrics so capture what is in my heart, that I wish I had thought of them first. In fact, if they had not already beaten me to it, I am convinced that I would have gotten around to thinking of those words. Then it struck me, it is because they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, what they are good at, what they love.

This is what it must be like to live on purpose. If each of us focused on our gifts, our talents, our skills, and harnessed and honed them to enrich our own personal lives and the lives of others, some of us would be living more fulfilled lives.

We don't realise (or we ignore) that we each have an ability, a skill, a gift, a knack, a talent, a quality, a craft, a character trait, expertise, aptitude,  passion; we each have something! We get so caught up in watching people's lives that ours pass us by! I love reality shows but man I have never met a bigger time thief! We watch people work at their craft, we watch them make their money, we watch them build (or break) their families, we watch them do all the things that we ever wanted, and then we go to bed afterwards!  We get caught up with such trivialities as Beyonce falling pregnant. Let's pause for a bit here. Is she not a woman? Does she not have a womb? Is she not married and therefore having sex with JayZ? Really?!

TD Jakes once said that God created the trees and left it to us to make the tables and chairs and paper (who would have thought) out of those trees! He has given us something. Stop looking around and look at what has been placed in your head, in your heart and in your spirit. It is time we made chairs and tables out of what we have been given! I want to be able to one day say, yep that's me and I did it on purpose!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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