By Andrew Pacutho:

This is not an objective piece and does not attempt to fraternize, sympathize or empathize with chics in anyway. As usual it is expected that chics will misunderstand, misquote and generally ignore the little truth there in but it's cool. Some, not all views expressed here are those of the author. The facts, if any contained in this piece are not researched at all but are gleaned from observation and various guys' horror stories.

Any similarity to person dead or living, except where stated, is coincidental.

The following is rated R for no cow patties, strong language and thoughts of violence. Reader discretion is advised. It may also cause erratic, hysterical reactions among some women folk.

She says: I am worth the pursuit.

He says: I never disagreed with that.

She says: Don't think for a minute that just because we hang at the same spots and laugh at the same jokes, I don't need to be pursued.

He says: Don't think for a minute that just because we hang at the same spots and laugh at the same jokes I wanted to pursue you.

She says: Don't think for a minute that telling me you 'like' me is enough to make me commit to you.

He says: just because I tell you I 'like' I did not expect you to like go out with me. I was being honest and thought that you would appreciate some clarity on why I may be treating you 'special'.

She says: Don't think for a minute that your confusion and indecision is cute or attractive.

He says: Don't think for a minute your drama and issues are excusable just because you are a chic.

She says: Don't think for a moment that I appreciate having to prove my worth to you.

He says: chic please…

She says: Do not think for a moment that just because I like and could possibly love you, I would jump through flaming hoops to get your attention.

He says: oba who gave you that idea love?! If I love a woman it is I who would be jumping through hoops of fire. Not sure who gave you the idea that you had to.

She says: Do not think for a moment that not keeping your word; not calling when you said you would, not showing up or keeping time is okay with me.

He says: it ain't  with me either but I wait for you when you take hours to get ready, I wait for you when I come pick you up, I wait for you to make up your mind about how you feel…frankly all I do most times is wait…for you.

She says: Because it just ISN’T!

He says:  Right back at you.

She says: They say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' so let me break it down for you. Grow up!

He says: why the “storm in a tea cup”. Chill out!

She says: I have had it with little boys in grown men's clothes, working grown men's jobs strutting around like God's gift to women, when in fact; WE'RE GOD'S GIFT TO YOU.

He says: I am tired of talk-the-talk-but-not-walk-the-talk-sisters with shriveled esteem and dewy eyed, fairy tale induced ideas of love and happiness, expecting a man to sort you out and make you into a woman.

She says: You don't have to say a thing to me if you're not sure about how you feel. Don't step to me with your confusion; TAKE IT TO GOD! ‘Cause son when you do that, you won't have to drag me around in the dirt or leave me hanging until you've figured it out. Spare us both the drama.

He says: I took it to God and now it's your turn. I cannot drag you in the dirt cause sister at this point we aren't even dating. And sister the meaning of drama “comes from a Greek word meaning “action” which is derived from “to do” thought you wanted brothers who do instead of slow brothers.

She says: Don't flirt with me, young man. I’m a FULL grown 20-something year old woman in love with Jesus. So if you know what's good for you, you'll take your trifling flirty behind back to the closet and pray to God to forgive you for trying to toy with my heart.

He says: when I flirted, if I flirted at all I don't remember your abject denial, disapproval or disagreement. And because you're a full grown 20 something woman I expected you to handle your business instead of blaming another man.

She says: This here is a woman after God's heart, so if you will, go through Him before coming to me.

He says: woman after Gods own heart? I am sorry I did not notice that while you bent over at the club with that guy, nor that time when you dress was so short I could see your navel or the other time when I say you walk out of that room early in the morning or that time my friend said you were a good lay or that time when you gossiped like you were paid or that time you flirted with me. IM SORRY MY BAD!

She says: I won't compromise what I believe for any 'touchy feely' games you have in mind.

He said: you touched back gal.

She says: Yours truly,

He says: and that's the truth.

And another thing

“It takes two to tango” and yet another is this “for someone to climb on your back you must first bend”. For most of these “boys” you say have done all this stuff, they did not break into your life, you let them in.

Some lines were crossed only because the chic drew them behind where the guy had walked. We all have gone through a world of hurt and all is fair in love and war…if only we knew that cupid used arrows not pillows…let's assume that all the guys out there never grew up or upped their game, the onus is on you to sort yourself, draw the lines, raise the bar, define the boundaries, up your game and only the strong shall make it to your door. For our entire prowess, no guy can claim that his game was too bad because it's the lady who accepted. The woman chooses the man…always.

WE are (all guys I suspect) tired of talk that talk but not walk the talk sisters with shriveled esteem and dewy eyed fairy tale induced ideas of love and happiness, expecting a man to sort you out and make you who you wish you were. If you're honest with yourself you probably were messed up long before we came along. All we did was bring it to the surface and give you some one to pin it on. It does not work that way.

Take you stuff to God. wake up and smell the coffee…your messed, we are messed get over your stuff together and let's do this…”If this be not love, it is madness, and then it is pardonable.” and another…”Love like war, always finds a way”

When we stepped up to you in the club, in the church or on the street sister, all we see/saw was the packaging. Yes we approached you because you were hot and Sister I cannot tell you what I like about you in the first ten second or read your mind or see our future cause if he could he probably would not have made a move at all.

While the flower often blooms, the bee sometimes finds it was lacking nectar. FACT IS you body is designed to catch my eye…when I make the move, the dance of courtship or vibe begins and that is where I get to know what and who you are, the rest is just conjecture, assumption and a little psychology.

Sadly too many of you wear masks and don't even know who you are; I can only paint what I see, remove the mask and lets deal with the underneath. If I leave, I never was meant to be. Don't blame me for falling in love with a mask yet all along you hide the real you.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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