Do not stone me!

Do not stone me!

By Adebayo Okeowo:

I sat there miffed but couldn't show it. It was such a weird feeling to be having while seated in such a serene room. The arrangement of the senior pastor's office was impeccable. If Jesus were to be here, He will probably applaud the Pastor for setting such a good example for kingdom order and excellence.

But the anger I felt in me was suffocating. Seating next to me and facing the Pastor who sat across us both in a comfy chair was the Head of the church's choir Unit – James, and I was going to pop if I heard one more word from him about my skirt being too short. While I was still feigning a smile and trying to contain my annoyance, he said it! He just had to say it that “If she continues dressing this way sir, it will affect the choir's ministration…”

Whaaaaaat!!!!! By now my anger could boil you a cup of coffee.

“With due respect sir, I have sat in this chair and have taken all the insult about my dressing, which by the way I have no problems with. I will not take any further damage to my reputation especially from someone who himself isn't perfect.” I said with a straight face, adjusted in my seat and crossed my legs.

The discussion continued for the next one hour after which the Pastor encouraged me to wear a certain length of skirt. I cannot even mention the measurement because I'd rather be found in a robe that in such a skirt. I just do not like that some people chose to flaunt their obvious superior spiritual maturity in the faces of others. They look in the mirror and assure themselves that God must love them so much because they obey all the commandments.

But didn't God say He is a just God and His ways are perfect? He is no respecter of persons and He relates with each of us through the eyes of His son, Jesus Christ. Ok, maybe my skirt was really short, but how on God's green earth will it affect the choir ministration?! Or maybe it just might. Maybe it will distract a few. God have mercy! But did he have to take me to the Pastor's office to make his point, and using those exact words? A friendly chat with kind guidance would have done it for me. God knows I desire to be a better person but while on that trip to becoming who God will have me be, the last thing I need are judgmental folks. For I know we are not what we've done. We are what we have overcome!

We all are frail and the stronger ones among us are to pull up the weaker ones even as we all rely on God's grace to run this race. I once heard Joyce Meyer say that we should not to look at others with magnifying lenses, while looking at ourselves with rose coloured lenses.

And it was Christ who said: Let he that has no sin, cast the first stone! (John 8:7) That's very instructive!

So, before you cast your stone against me, make sure you are flawless. And just in case you maintain you can cast your stone, remember, Jesus – our PERFECT example, did not cast any stones. What He did instead was to wake me up to the reality of my sins by dying for them.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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