I will marry when I want

I will marry when I want

By Iteti:

Gone are the days when girls were married off at fourteen to fill their fathers' farms and rid them of an extra mouth to feed.

Gone are the days when the boys were the priority to receive an education in a household.

Gone are the days when a woman's place was the kitchen and her duty was to answer to her husband's every beck and call.

Gone are the days when a long skirt was what it was and decency was valued.

Gone are the days when a kiss was the most intimate of gestures and sharing a meal was something more than a prelude to fornication.

Gone are the days when 'knowing' a woman meant to make an honest woman out of her.

Gone are the days…

Cece and Bebe Winans sang 'Bring back the days of yea and Ney'.

Surely that was when we could plainly see the day.

Because now, our days are darkened by the idea of role reversal

Men slaving away in the kitchen while women strive to bring in the bacon; be the bread winners; put food in their children's mouths.

Back when God forbid a woman should touch a book, we're now surrounded by nobel prize laureates and Phd holders, mind you of the female gender

Back when a man did not mind an illiterate woman, we're now surrounded by men who want ambitious and driven women

Back when love was what it was, we're now consumed with 'I love you's simply to get us into bed

And so dear reader, from the back when's to the here and now, I have decided.

I will marry when I want.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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