I am worth the pursuit!

I am worth the pursuit!

By Iteti:

I am worth the pursuit.

Don't think for a minute that just because we hang at the same spots and laugh at the same jokes, I don't need to be pursued.

Don't think for a minute that telling me you 'like' me is enough to make me commit to you.

Don't think for a minute that your confusion and indecision is cute or attractive.

Don't think for a moment that I appreciate having to prove my worth to you.

Do not think for a moment that just because I like and could possibly love you, I would jump through flaming hoops to get your attention.

Do not think for a moment that not keeping your word; not calling when you said you would, not showing up or keeping time is okay with me.

Because it just ISN’T!

They say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' so let me break it down for you.

Grow up!

I have had it with little boys in grown men's clothes, working grown men's jobs strutting around like God's gift to women, when in fact; WE'RE GOD'S GIFT TO YOU.

You don't have to say a thing to me if you're not sure about how you feel. Don't step to me with your confusion; TAKE IT TO GOD! ‘Cause son when you do that, you won't have to drag me around in the dirt or leave me hanging until you've figured it out. Spare us both the drama.

Don't flirt with me, young man. I’m a FULL grown 20-something year old woman in love with Jesus. So if you know what's good for you, you'll take your trifling flirty behind back to the closet and pray to God to forgive you for trying to toy with my heart.

This here is a woman after God's heart, so if you will, go through Him before coming to me.

I won't compromise what I believe for any 'touchyfeely' games you have in mind.

Yours truly,

Ebony Flame

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Rachealrt

    wow! i cldn't agree more.

    • Iteti

      Hi Rachael! Us girls must stick [read "rant"] together, yes? ;-) It's awesome to see someone who's able to connect with this!

  • Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga

    A woman scorned? ha ha ha but yes, you are God's gift to us and indeed, these boys running around pretending to be men should be shut down. Excellent rant :)

    • Iteti

      Hahahaha. So glad you agree and thanks. It's been a while since this one rant right here. Oh to be a young, young woman again :-).

  • MizPage

    *BIG FAT GRIN* Darn straight Miz Ebony Flame.... You tell them!!! You tell them... Gwash... ama repost this everywhere... I agree, us girls need to "stick" together...

  • Lalajiku

    where on earth is the print button?????

  • Cynthia Ayeza

    Good question!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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