I am pregnant!

I am pregnant!

By Moleboheng Mahasa

I am pregnant with hope. Expectation is causing my whole body to swell up with joy. Positive energy courses through my veins and invades every nook and crevice within me. I feel this dream kicking inside of me, reminding me that I carry life.

The seed deposited within me by the Father has fused with a willing heart, and has created this that I now carry. This biology is not something that I fully understand. Mine is to be an incubator and protect this hope. Mine is to nurture this dream, to feed it and to prepare for its birth.

It will not always be easy, I know. The time for pushing will come. Sweat and tears will streak my face as I labour into it. Moments of wanting to give up will sneak up on me like a thief in the night. I will scream in frustration and wonder what I got myself into. But the Father promised to hold my hand through it all. Mine is to keep pushing through the obstacles.

I am pregnant with a legitimate dream. The Father promised to never leave me. He told me that He would reorder the Universe for me. “You are mine.” He told me. “I loved you first.”

The pregnancy has brought about some cravings. I yearn for change. I long for actions driven by love within our communities. I long for others to know that there is hope. I have a craving for young people who will step up and get moving.

My mood too has been altered by this pregnancy. I am on a high. I walk about with a smile plastered on my face. Circumstances will not deter me. Some think I'm waddling along, but I assure you this is a spring in my step you see.

I am pregnant with hope. My body has ballooned up with expectation. My soul is ripe with anticipation. All creation has been summoned to come and bear witness, for one day soon, a dream will be birthed.

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