Day: August 22, 2011

Series, The Apprentice

The trouble with women AND men: a man’s response

By Kizzy Katawonga I was moved to write in response to the heartfelt and raw post “The Trouble with Men by Crosschild”. It seems the gender war has taken an odd turn where men are feeling more inadequate and women are becoming more fascist in their race to emancipation. The original article, “Common Sense: What have our women turned into?” […]

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Britain in need of radical change

By James Lutaaya Esq. : The riots that beseeched Britain between 07.08.11-14.08.11 were a manifestation of the evils of creating a dependency state and class society; and Britain's religious retrogression. This Dependency State was solidified in the 13 year Labour era until 2010 and the class society is evolving more obviously under the Coalition era mainly with Conservative ideas. Religious […]

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