Please don’t hush me!

By Rukhshana Namuyimba

Please don’t shush me up!

I know who I am, where I have been and where I am headed.

I know what I know but even more profound I know what I do not know.

And what I know I’ll share if you’ll but let me speak this once.

I respect you for you are the man

I look up to you for you are wise

I lean on you for you are strong

I rely on you for you provide

I trust you for you protect.

I may be intelligent

I may be accomplished

I may be beautiful

I may have a great destiny

But please remember I need you for who you are

So please don’t shush me up

You can only be you and I-me

That’s the way God meant it to be!

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1 thought on “Please don’t hush me!”

  1. wow this expresses the African and even spiritual perspectives of role sharing between a man n a woman… but would you still respect him assuming you provide? lol

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