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Experiences of a Kampala Doctor.

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The Doctor’s View: When Time and Chance come Calling

By Denise Kavuma, Uganda: “Man is a dupable animal. Quacks in medicine, quacks in religion, and quacks in politics know this, and act upon that knowledge,” a random poet once wrote and well, I've seen that proven to be true more times than I'd wish to recall. It's on this very basis that I will tell you two rather dark, […]

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Series, The Doctor's View

The Doctor’s View: She called the President

By Denise Kavuma, Uganda: Hospital gossip, much like any other form of unnecessarily detailed and unsubstantiated conversation, occurs when the patient of interest is long gone (and yes, sometimes that means death.) Shocked you there didn't I? But I suppose that's the major difference with it. The casual conversations that happen in the tea-room at this hospital tend to be […]

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