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The Vow of the Syberian Prince (Conclusion)


By Samuel Sebbowa Bunnya, Uganda

We were the pawns in all of this. He had not understood but his mind had foreseen the coming wars on Eland. Syberia has fallen. Only the Varyyin in their secret cities and with their sacred ways stood in the way of those that truly controlled the hordes. He hoped his sister was safe wherever she was. You must let our people live on in your son.

Thoÿë knew he had to send her a message. He had to let Eonora know that he was still alive. But she must teach her sons about her people, Thoÿë thought. That was the only way that the ways of the Syberians would survive. He had seen it done by the dark skinned Emystians – by the even darker Sabbah and so many others on the continent.

Thoÿë had destroyed people in the name of his father, but their ways had lived on. His teachers had told him that it was all about the passing on of knowledge from one generation to the next. Eonora’s sons were children of the Varyyin, but they were children of Syberia as well. Thoÿë had to let Eonora know that so their people would not fall into utter ruin.

Thoÿë looked up to the skies. There was a dark sun. The dead Arch Mage Kurban?? had once told him that, in times of war, a dark sun meant that a great people had fallen. ‘But like all sunsets, people might fall away, but if their blood thrives in another people, they will rise again without the flaws of their ancestors.

Thoÿë could not help smiling. Our way will survive, he promised the skies.

Thoÿë had another task though. He had something else to do so that the slaves would never forget who the true masters of the continent were. He would make the victors of the war hate that they had won, and hopefully, he would give the Varyyin time to change their hidden and peaceful ways before they shared the same fate.

He turned his eyes back to his downcast men. Their armour was nothing of the glory of Syberia anymore. It was more a battered rug of the past that was burning before them. It will all burn. “They will pay.” He placed his hand on the shoulder of one man. “We will make them pay for this.

“How can you be sure my lord?” one of the men asked. “Our wives are dead. Our sons; our future is burnt out.”

“Our future lives on in the War Master’s line. Never forget that.”

There were murmurs of agreement from his small band of men. They understood that Eonora’s sons were of their blood. Maybe one day they will burn the fuckers who destroyed our people, Thoÿë thought gleefully. His smile got wider as some of the men started to laugh. They were hoping the same thing as he was.

“So what would you have us do?”

“Burn our fleet; burn all the ships but the jewel in the crown of our navy.”

Everyone knew about their ship building – the slaves; vassals and enemies in the sea. Even the brave Ice Men from across the Hollow Waters. The magic of the earth and the songs of water that had put the grand vessels of their people together, were things of renown. Even the great sea farers on their islands feared their crafts, although they hid it so well. All will want our ships. If they were a finished race, nothing of their s could be left for the enemies to take from them.

“Why the one?”

“So no one forgets that the Syberians are the masters.” He saw the heart return in the eyes of his battle weakened men. “Our blood will live on in the veins of my sister’s descendants, but our art will live on in the seas.”

“We will serve as your crew.”

“Then I cast off the name Thoÿë,” he bellowed to the wind. “They will think themselves the new masters but the sons of Syberia will scourge them to the end. I will take on the name of Dah?r?ch and never forget the name of my father’s fallen line.”

He looked up to the skies. He saw a faint star moving close to the dark sun. He felt a soothing and sad presence in his mind. Thoÿë knew who it was. He let out a soft chuckle as he kept his eyes to the heavens.

Promise me that your sons will know of their people.

They will,” Eonora’s voice sung in his mind.

Warn your husband that the so-called Paladins have a great power with them, Thoÿë thought.

He knows.

Then be safe sister – may my nephews be safe.

I will never forget you brother – Thoÿë.

The men will serve with me on the seas and I promise you that as long as that ship is on the seas, your descendants will have a right to use it as they wish.

Thank you Thoÿë.

You have heard my vows; it is now to you to guard our heritage.

Thoÿë watched as the small star started to veer off in the direction of the homelands of the Varyyin. He caught a glimpse of five other small stars descending from the clouds and following his sister. He knew that she would forever be safe.

I love you brother.

Thoÿë felt her presence finally disappear from his mind. He turned back to his men. He knew that they had little to no time. The shipyards might have been full of their powerful ships, but he knew how to destroy them.

“The sons of Yashak will never have our ships,” Thoÿë said.

“Aye.” It was a few voices among the men that responded.

“We must not let them have them.”

“Aye.” More voices joined in.

“Will you help me brothers?”

The men placed their hands on their hearts and bent their knees to him. “We shall serve you.”

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