Paper and Ink, Series

Paper and Ink: Femme Aimee (18)

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

So we had a big fight. One of those scary ones where you think it is the end and you can't think of anything that will put a smile back on your face. I mourned, cried, and I tried to move on. I forgot him for all of one second before I started having a conversation in my head on how to sort it all out: What we should have done different, what we shouldn't have said, something to let him see why am upset and hoping he will change.

I couldn't tell anyone because pretty much everyone was tired of hearing the same stories about how we had fought or broken up. They figured it was temporary and we would get back together. I on the other hand was dying inside because this time we had gone too far and said things that couldn't be unsaid. We were both angry and holding on to our pride so I knew he wasn't coming back and I would rather hurt than beg him to return.

Usually when we fight, it takes like a day for him to come back to me but this time he had taken forever. Each day dragged on longer and I began to fear that this time I had pushed him too far and he wouldn't come back to me. My anger grew by leaps and bounds and I swore I wouldn't let him back into my life. Who knew what he had been doing for the time he had been away and I didn't want him to come back just because he was settling for me.

I tried to get stronger and fortify myself against him until he emailed, 'Hey. Are we really over or can we give this another shot?'

I replied, 'Why? You seemed just fine without me.'

'I need to see you. Please come over.'

'Haven't you hurt me enough already? What more do you want?'

'I want you. Just please come see me. I will do whatever it takes but I need you in my life.'

Of course I knew he was being dramatic. But am a girl, and I love hearing things like that which melt my insides. So I got myself ready and went off to see him. On seeing him, I was excited when he whisked me off to a romantic dinner. He told me he had been under a lot of pressure which is why he had been irritable and not as understanding as he should have been. Also told me how trying I was!! My favorite though was the proposal! He asked me to marry him. I guess we shall see how the engagement goes.

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