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Change your attitude to Silence

By Edger Kasunsu, Uganda:

Silence – the type that comes with an un-explainable emptiness inside, manifests itself towards the end of the day or at the end of a bad week or a bad relationship. From what I know, it happens when you have been doing a lot of processing in the head during the day. And for me, being around a lot of people can also cause that silence to occur. It is normal. And it may be a good thing. We need it because it helps us experience the full force of the good times when they come. Life is just like a coin, and this is just the other side.

Then there are these people who seem to always have a smile every time you see them. They always appear to be in the sky, where the wind is cool, and clouds white and fluffy. Sometimes it kills me to see them like that when am feeling down. But do not be fooled, we are all employees in the same company. We all signed the same contract when we were born. We all go through the same interconnected corridors in this building that is life.

This feeling, circumstance, state of mind, state of being or whatever you may choose to call it is part of all of us. We all experience it. It is also as important as the air we breathe. It adds value to life and makes everything about it more meaningful. These are some of the moments in which we stop ourselves in our tracks. The lucky ones will look around and appreciate what they see: The grass on the ground, the trees in the wind and the birds floating against the sky backdrop. The unlucky ones will be too busy trying to escape the feeling. They will be trying with all their might to change the situation they are in and in the process will miss out on the opportunity to learn something new about themselves and life in general. In the end, they will begin to think that life is just another ‘shithole’. They may not even consider the fact that the problem may just be within them.

On sunny days, I like to go about life with a smile on my face. I like to show love to as many people as I can and do good to them in any way possible. On days that are grey, I like to hide away from the world. So I find a quiet spot, unfrequented by men and explore my mind. I have come to realize that it is in these moments that I get more creative. Most of the poems I have written, sad or bright, have all found me in moments like these. So, I think that whenever a moment like this invades you, embrace it and within you, mind the fact that it is not there to stay.

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