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Mothers are special creatures

By Nonhlanhla Mnisi:

Today we look back to the time we were still in our mothers' wombs. The period we spent where our lives were in the mercy of their hands. We all know how difficult it is when you have to rely on an individual's word; a word that becomes a matter of life and death.

A woman has authority on what to do with that which is growing inside of them. We've seen pregnancy complications the universe battles with. We've heard of miscarriages and have learned about abortions also. There comes a time where a woman is surrounded by options. We've seen dumped kids who grew up not knowing their mothers, and abandoned children who regret the opportunity afforded to them to inhale oxygen.

Some children grow up thinking their parents owe them something simply because they brought them into this world. Some are a result of rape; others are products of women in prostitution. Some lost their mothers at birth and were saved from certain diseases they could have contracted; other mothers took bullets for their children and some survived brutal beatings, whilst others gave up their dreams not because they didn't long to pursue a career but because it was a sacrifice worth making to give their offspring a better life.

Today those backdrops have been turned to free life. Having put aside the 'pity card' we see them taking the world by storm. Dear women, we all have a background however our background is not and can never be our future.

Why should it matter now? We need to go back to our mothers and thank them for not aborting us, instead of holding them responsible for what might look like a life of misfortune – whether you were a mistake or not. We need to look beyond the “hows” and concentrate on the “whats”. The “how” is past however the “what” dictates the present which eventually informs the future.

Reality is the “how” comes with the “where”. You'd be surprised at how you often show little appreciation for the gift of life when you later realize that you are a gift, a miracle, a survivor and a purpose. Many will carry/bare their stories and understanding and fulfillment of their abundant lives in a name.

We are profusely thankful to mothers for the seeds planted and as each life tree grows we shall forever remember that if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have made it to here.

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  • Mothers are special indeed!!

  • Bahati Alex

    What about Fathers? Aren’t they also special? An example of my dad who would carry me on his back when mum was always away? I love you dad (RIP)