Day: September 5, 2012

Eve's Notes

Mothers are special creatures

By Nonhlanhla Mnisi: Today we look back to the time we were still in our mothers' wombs. The period we spent where our lives were in the mercy of their hands. We all know how difficult it is when you have to rely on an individual's word; a word that becomes a matter of life and death. A woman has […]

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Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: The 10,000 Dollar Watch

By Kizzy Katawonga: I don't have a wristwatch. It's not for lack of desire. Lord knows I've always wanted one. For years I've longed for one. It's just that the one I want costs $10,000– Mutwalo gya doola as they say. Ok, I know what you must be thinking. He's lost his black mind! But here's the thing. It's a fantastic watch. Actually, to […]

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