Day: September 4, 2012

Inspirational, Tale Africa

Resuscitate my beloved nation

By Thapelo Desmond Selwane: Have you ever sat and looked around your community and the country at large? I mean from strikes to robberies, from rapes to murders and not mentioning corruption and self-enrichment acts that are happening on our watch. To my unaffected citizens it's business as usual. It looks like nobody cares much about the misery of the […]

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Life Without Parole, Series

Life Without Parole #3

By Iteti: Dear John, It has been a while since I hand-wrote a letter. It has also been a while since I allowed myself to say your name out loud. John. John. John. I'm speaking it out as I write, by the way. Forgive me; it hasn't been easy since you left so unceremoniously. It wasn't your fault, I reckon. […]

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